Video Resources

Many of these individuals have libraries of videos and/or web content both on youtube and elsewhere online; these are essentially tips of very large icebergs of content. Please investigate by searching for their names within and outside of youtube.

N.T. Wright

Doctor of Philosophy and Divinity - Oxford
New Testament Teacher 20 yrs.- Cambridge
Anglican Bishop, Author, Pauline expert


John Lennox

Professor of Math - Oxford
Teacher, Author, Apologist


CS Lewis

Tutor of English Literature - Oxford
Chair of Mediaeval and Renaissance Literature, Cambridge | Teacher, Apologist


CS Doodle

Amazing on-the-fly animated drawing of various CS Lewis content


Michael Ramsden

Director, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics
Law and Economics Study at Sheffield University
Lawyer, Teacher, Evangelist

William Lane Craig

Ph.D. Philosophy - Univ. of Birmingham
M.A. Philosophy & Church History - Trinity Div.
Teacher, Author, Apologist


Ryan Reeves

Ph.D. Church History - Cambridge
Historian, Apologist


Nabeel Qureshi

MA Christian Apologetics - Biola University
Religion - Duke University
Apologist specializing in Islam


Ravi Zacharias

MA Divinity - Trinity University
Given his astounding body of work, and not to discount his hidden sexual sin, we're of a mind not to cast stones and continue to focus on this selection of videos.


Frank Turek

Ph.D. - Southern Evangelical Seminary
MA - Cambridge
Author, Apologist, Aviator