About LHOC

Meeting Where You Are

We're sinners and we meet you there, as a sinner, in need of a Savior. While we do subscribe to God's plan for us, before creation, we also acknowledge the current state; sin that needs to be addressed and service needs of the church. We also meet you intellectually and emotionally, taking your current and past into account, through instruction, sharing, service and love.

Your Strengths

We work together, as one body in Christ. Each individual has specific gifts, those primarily being for others. Through fellowship and prayer, we help identify and strengthen these spiritual gifts in all aspects of our church. "Where you see a need, you are needed" are words we take to heart and task in service to God , our Lord and each other.

At the Foot of the Cross

Our feet stand at the base of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. A debt paid, something to be ever-thankful for and to rejoice in. We continually acknowledge in both ways, resting in the peace and joy they provide.

Hearts to God

Our original "tag line" was "Hands to the World, Hearts to God." - the last portion being very key. We love and assist each other and the community at large - via God's provision, testing, guiding - discerning how he is at work in our hearts, minds and lives. The new tag sums it up well: "Jesus is the Living Hope of my life, my family, my community and the world."