Mobile and Smartphone Apps:

Many sites have "mobile" versions of their websites available. If you can't find an "App" for a site, try accessing directly from your Mobile Device. Each system (iOS, Android, Windows) will have different links to apps. Please access these directly from within your phone (i.e. Apples' App Store for iOS).

Search for the following names: - (YouVersion) Bible

PBS - Has many popular shows with great content (i.e. Nova, Frontline, ScienceNova). Please note, some of this content or view/opinions can be non-christian.

History Channel - Similarly, many documentaries are avail. within this App. Please note, some of this content or view/opinions can be non-christian.

TuneIn Radio - An app that lets you search the airwaves and internet for radio stations that are accessible.

Wisconsin Public Radio - Many programs avail.

Stitcher - An App that lets you, by topic, create lists of Podcasts and that automatically pulls the latest versions of these avail. OR the most recent podcast of one program

Reasonable Faith - An app for William Lane Craig ministries, a premier apologist, with scholarly writing, general Q&A, audio and video of debates, audio of his Defenders bible study class, etc.

Tecate Bible - The app outlet of Zondervan publishing, various versions of the bible (i.e. NIV) and languages within a wonderfully written app with full study-notes, maps, charts, 3D renderings, etc.

Google Play - A paid service by Google ($8 month) providing a wealth of music, Christian and non-Christian, with good quality compression